lune Lighting Collection

The collection consists of a pendant fixture and a wall sconce. Both of these designs control the light intensity through the rotation of the opposing disc, revealing more light as the disc rotates outwards on its axis. The concept was developed by looking at ways to manually manipulate the lighting in our environments and how these actions not only make a more in-tune environment, but a more universal product. The 'Lune' collection is the winning design for Wanted Designs 2016 Launch Pad.

'In plane geometry, the crescent shape formed from two intersecting circles is called a lune.'

Divide Lighting Collection

The Divide lighting collection was design and manufactured in our studio in Edmonton, Alberta. In May, 2015 we were honoured to be selected to be part of the prestigious ICFF Studio that is put on in partnership with Bernhardt Design. Being the 10th year of the ICFF Studio, we felt as though we were part of something even more special. The event was more than gracious to us and I look forward to showing more work in the future under the ICFF umbrella.

Belgravia Bench

The 'Belgravia' bench was designed and executed with the collaboration between Tomnuk Design and our wonderful clients, for their beautiful modern infill home in central Edmonton. 

Constructed using design elements and materials that are already found in the home, this steel and oak bench really adds to the overall mood that is set walking into the home.

Kit & Ace / YEG

Kit & Ace approached us to do some custom lighting for their Edmonton store. This included three of our 'Divide' pendants in white for above the cash desk, and five custom copper fixture to reflect the design of the tables below.

ATB Financial Light Fixture  

This is a custom light fixture that we designed and built for ATB Financial's head office in Edmonton, Alberta. Looking at reflecting the Alberta landscape. The linear form is reminiscent of horizon, sky, wispy clouds and northern lights.

Boyle Street Community Table 

We recently been working on a commission for the Edmonton Arts Council that was installed as part of the Boyle Renaissance Project in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. We created a community table design that will influence the way people interact within public seating areas – we hope that once installed, the piece will create more interaction and face to face communication amongst the community.

Lap Chandelier 

This glass chandelier was created as an exploration of material, form and process – it is a fully functional prototype built from a repeating glass arcs and lit with LED lighting.

Tra Luoghi Side Table

This table was built to examine and break through the conventional forms furniture typically takes. In this case, looking at the spaces between our built living environments such as the space occupied by side tables. (Constructed out of solid walnut and finished with 10mm tinted glass.)

We are always excited to work on custom design projects, furniture or lighting -  so if you have a project in mind, give us a shout!

Tables can be made to order, please contact for prices and availability.