Our Services

From a single product, to fully designed interior spaces, we can work with you to develop your idea from initial concept through to completion.


Design Research

At Tomnuk Design we approach Design from an understanding that aesthetics is only one of many factors to consider, as such we pride ourselves in using thorough and varied research methods to fully understand the needs of any project.


We look to our surroundings for influence, as well as our Clients and Peers. Tomnuk Design exists in a collaborative space, an environment where ideas are encouraged, critiqued, and tailored to succeed.


Our experience with 3-D rendering, illustration, model building, ergonomics, systems analysis and interior design allows us to effectively develop concepts to a point where they are ready to be realized.



Years of experience in production means we are able to create proof of concepts to test designs in a tactile and relatable form. These prototypes accurately portray the scale, ergonomics and finish of the desired product.


Tomnuk Design is able to deliver meticulously crafted finished products due to our relationship with our manufacturers and our understanding of manufacturing processes spanning wood, metal and plastics.